P16 and Youth with INJAZ Business Leaders Campaign

PARACHUTE16 took part in the Business Leaders Campaign [BLC] 2018 program, which usually runs for 5-6 consecutive weeks where about 130-140 entrepreneurs and business leaders shared their professional journey, including successes, challenges, and lessons learnt with school students in grades nine, ten, and eleven. The purpose of the BLC program is to offer a platform in schools across Jordan that enables professionals coming from all Jordan to inspire and motivate youth to succeed, where it also focused on inspiring and empowering students, especially females, to explore entrepreneurship as a career option.

Not only that, but the program opened some space for students to reveal their talents as well. It discovered young writers, speakers, singers, and poets. After students participate, they can come back to give sessions and contribute more to the program. At the end of the program, presenters and companies that participated end up donating to schools, sponsoring them, creating scholarship programs, or developing competitions to empower the students even more. PARACHUTE16 is passionate about creating a new innovative culture for Jordan’s youth, developing their capacity, empowering them through mentorship, and expanding their opportunities.

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