INNOGANGS: Ever Heard of Them?

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INNOGANGS. Ever heard of them? 

INNOGANGS, in fact, exist in every workspace. We just need to discover them as a group. They are physical and are the most important part of our workspace. 


What are they made up of? 

  • Action 
  • Curiosity 
  • Collaboration 

What do they do? 

They create solutions for challenges existing inside their workplace and in the workplaces surrounding them in their community as their function is people-centered. 

What inspires them? 

Five practices inspire them to add value:

  • Play 
  • Experimentation 
  • Creativity 
  • Empathy 
  • Reflection 

How can we find them? 

Literally in every workplace, hub, co-working space, etc. They exist within and surrounding us! They are us, our team, our partners, and everyone at our workplace. We just need to interact with them using one shared goal that helps us bond through activities of innovation, leadership, teambuilding, entrepreneurship, ideation, creativity, and challenge mapping. This is to build a mindset that shines light over our INNOGANGS! 



How does “interactiveness” help us find our inner and surrounding group of INNOGANGS? 

  • Working on Interactive edutainment activities help us know how teams view their own work and the work of others. 
  • Leading  them with the tools and resources that inspire and impact each team member’s leadership style and how to deal with every style and its strengths/weaknesses. 
  • Using limited resources to problem-solve. 
  • Exploring correctness, clarity, consideration, conciseness, and creativity through Human-centered design. 
  • Searching for ways to improve their current environments through community mapping. 
  • Empowering innovators by sharing a practical mindset. As innovation is not luxurious but very practical. 

INNOGANGS are NOT: ________? 

They are not an identity, but a product. They see everything as a work-in-progress, they welcome feedback, and they experiment with what works. They get excited to evolve and grow together from collaboration. Their mission is to help others feel happier doing things they love by discovering what “value” they can add to their work. 

Learning what value you can add to your work = Innovating at your work = Happiness 

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