The Entrepreneurship Ecosystem In Jordan with German Journalist; Claudia Mende

27th March 2019 Posted by admin In entrepreneurship,Innovation,Leadership No Comments

We are happy to have met Claudia Mende, a journalist from Germany, that is interested in reporting on the Digital Start-up scene in Amman, Jordan. She works for magazines like and Zenith, the leading German magazine on business and innovation in the Middle East. Her interest in the Middle East grew after she spent part of her childhood living in Egypt. She writes to rethink the misconceptions people in Europe have about the statelessness of the Middle East and its people.

We were able to highlight PARACHUTE16’s core values, our achievements, mission, and vision. Every time we engage in a daily conversation, we become a part of a talk that repeats the traditional saying that states we lack local opportunities and local success stories to look up to and learn from. Our PARACHUTE16 insight ;however, believes that there are many local opportunities that exist around us, and local success stories that we can look up to, especially when it comes to the entrepreneurship scene in Jordan. This is the PARACHUTE16 driver we believe in and invest in.

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