P16 INNOVATIONSHIP: Tapping Into Our Powerful Resource

P16 INNOVATIONSHIP: a creative edge of innovation and leadership



What does it really mean to tap into a collaborative and creative behavior? How did we think of it? Getting in touch with the reality of our entrepreneurial scene in Jordan and the ME, in general, opened our eyes to a lack of space that enables; innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership in one. We felt like the solution was in the resources we have already. We just used them, and the INNOVATIONSHIP started to just create opportunities and greater learning curves for our community by connecting them to one another.


It is a people-led program that gathers the mindset, techniques, and tools needed to help your INNOGANG grow. It is an indoor and outdoor interactive experience that is a compilation of mutual inspiration, collaboration, and spirit of transparency. It is not forced, but it is inspired by our participating INNOGANGS. 

What is an INNOGANG? 

It is the team that learns when actively generating new ideas, designing prototypes, making improvements and creating final products with our peers, through passion and play. 

What to expect from our P16 INNOVATIONSHIP?

It is a one-day-one-week transformative learning workshop. This workshop is ideal for any INNOGANG willing to undergo a journey that exposes diverse leadership styles, creativity, teamwork and coordination, product design and problem-solving, challenge-mapping, and ideation. 

What is a P16 INNOVATIONSHIP Mindset? 

It is a mindset crazy enough to understand where innovation comes from; our INNOGANGS, our people, our own selves. They seek relationships between what is already in their reality that they can make use of. They recognize that they don’t have to wait for inspiration to get moving and that there is no substitute for hard work and showing up to apply creative techniques to elevate these innovations. 

What challenges are you expected to overcome during the event?

You are expected to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of the way you like to lead, ways through which you can connect with members of your INNOGANG, to find quick solutions, come up with creative ideas, and how to have a clearer picture of what kind of work the members of your INNOGANG focus on. 

P16 INNOVATIONSHIP is an innovation and leadership-led program meant to spark innovation strategies in organizations, companies, and institutions. Such a program is not just interactive, but objective as well; focusing on building a culture at the intersection of collaboration, communication, and problem-solving. Our growth mission is to build capacity, inspire, empower, and educate not only by tools but by mindset too. This comes by defining the innovation strategy that fits the specific organization, expanding innovation capabilities through interactive challenges, and designing new learning experiences that can help grow the INNOVATIONSHIP culture within our entrepreneurial communities.







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