P16’s Stance On Innovation

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The PARACHUTERS Stance On Innovation 

“Innovation” is; introducing something new and different. In PARACHUTE16, we like to find that “new”. But, innovating is not about the new ideas, but about the decision we make to build capacity, connect, inspire, and empower our people to complete their mission. 


Community capacity-building in our change agency is adopting a mindset of experimentation. Being curious; learning by doing and experimenting is our motivation to explore new skills and areas of knowledge. 


Being a culture-driven people business we deal with INGOs, private sector, and consumers as startups willing to address problems by enjoying the thrill of the startup world. We are ready to embrace new ideas, passengers, and perspectives to create new opportunities for all our loved ones. 


Our mission is to help others enjoy the freedom in completing their missions too. We challenge ourselves and others to improve with how we deal with challenges and unseen solutions. The PARACHUTE16 energy is contagious. 


We are proud of all our passengers and their responsibility to self-steer themself. We believe our services are there to build sustainable and empowered innovation capabilities by tailoring startup methods needed to promote new ways of working and new drivers of value. This is why we call ourselves a change agency. 

We look for everything that boosts innovation and not constrains it. PARACHUTE16 is about flying and not settling. 

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