Our San Francisco Trip to link Jordanian startups




Partnering with the American Embassy, we traveled as 5 startups for 14 days to Silicon Valley, California. We had a chance to walk into Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter, and more to collaborate and build a program; a bridge, that mobilizes entrepreneurship across Jordan. This was meant to build on new partnerships as we always aim to expand and create more entrepreneurship spaces in Jordan by making use of such experiences and adding to the curriculums we design, bringing international speakers for our talk shows or event panel discussions, and building greater connections that spurr new innovations and accelerate progress across our country and all its governorates. Articulating our commitment as Jordanian startups to foster change in the country had to be communicated with worldly companies in the Silicon Valley and with the local stakeholders and entrepreneurs of Jordan and the ME. PARACHUTE16 is a consulting firm and change agency that is impact driven and that is the key behind our work.

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