Cedar Maritime Agencies: Team Building Day With P16 Innovation House





Collaboration and Connection = Innovation 

Parachute16 partnered with the Cedar Maritime Agencies to develop and implement interactive, innovative, and entrepreneurial team building activities for the CMA Team – Armoush Group. Our aim was to develop stronger bonds in between the CMA’s participating team members by having them break from the molds drawn by their levels of expertise, lofty titles, and positions by strengthening the relationships between them and fostering greater communication. Our quarterly meetups introduced new concepts every time where it all revolved around; communication skills, emotional intelligence, and their collaborative culture in terms of team spirit. Apart from exercises focused on team members and risky challenges where brand new activities, such as; Brain Writing P16 Empawareness: Self-awareness and Empathy, and Refection.  Parachute16 is a change agency that is informed and altered by collaboration and connection. This is in fact how we implement capacity-building. As we believe we can learn more together, in a shorter period of time, with greater quality of ideas. 


  • Categories : collaboration, edutainment, entrepreneurship, innovation

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