Innovation Dialogue: Interactive World Cafe





World Cafe: Hosting A Large Dialogue

The innovation dialogue is an Interactive event of 8 hours that accommodates over 150 people with an entrepreneurial background. These people divide themselves into teams on separate tables where each table is focused on one question/topic. The dialogue starts between their drawings and the discussion after where they use the flip charts on their tables to express their thoughts towards the topic. 2 people from every table start to move to a different table and switch with another pair of 2 every 30 minutes. They give a brief about what solutions they drew on the flip chart of their previous table.From here, they start to exchange ideas and build on a space that is willing to grow. Having stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and community leaders collaborate is key behind collaborative communities of change. Entrepreneurs, investors, banks, community leaders, and partners coming from public and private sectors are all part of us. We do entrepreneurship ecosystem consultation and collaboration as our priority. 

  • Categories : collaboration, edutainment, entrepreneurship, ideation, innovation

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