IRC Mahali Innovation Lab Challenge 3: Informal Education





PARACHUTE16: Consultation And Service Provider 

PARACHUTE16 is the consultation and service provider for the Mahali Innovation Lab.  The lab aims to engage the public to propose potential solutions to long-term problems faced by vulnerable communities throughout Jordan. PARACHUTE16, the IRC and their Mahali Innovation Lab in Jordan that is focused on Syrian refugees, and the Harvard School of Education, collaborated to work through a Pop-Up Lab to bring solutions for Informal Education. PARACHUTE16 that is focused on fostering entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation in the Middle East collaborated with the technology offered in the Harvard School of Education’s Education Redesign Lab to explore new techniques and solutions. 



Education Reform By Concrete Solutions 

This was meant to give the diverse students a role in making a change for education reform; by coming up with concrete solutions for education of Syrian Refugees in Irbid, Jordan. Students not only designed new solutions but also received feedback from mentors coming from influential backgrounds; World Education, United Nations, MIT Media Lab, MIT Refugee Learning Accelerator, and founders of startups aiming for social change. The feedback acted as an incentive for students to go the extra mile in constructing effective solutions. This built on the students’ teamwork and communication skills by responding to local needs and building on local assets, knowledge, and experiences. Challenges we have designed solutions for are coaching teachers’ mental health, finding curriculums that are suitable for children with PTSD, indoctrination in secondary schools and higher education, and investing in informal spaces for the health of both students and teachers. Our mission as a PARACHUTE16 is to use the services we offer to build more sustainable and empowered innovative capabilities; individually and socially. 

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