Jordan River Foundation: Facilitation Techniques To Empower Women and Youth




Community Empowerment With Jordan River Foundation 

The Jordan River Foundation strives to create stronger local communities in Jordan that can boost the Jordanian economy by empowering women and youth across all the different governorates in Jordan through programs and projects that contribute to their economic and social growth. PARACHUTE16 built an interactive training material focusing on facilitation and documentation techniques through role-playing and reflection. Our goal was to better prepare them for an entrepreneurial path or for an economic opportunity that suits their needs. 

PARACHUTE16 as a change agency, focuses on engaging Jordanians not just in Amman, but in all the diverse governorates in Jordan and even refugees coming from anywhere in all trainings we deliver. This is with the aim to alleviate their entrepreneurial and innovative thinking by facing the local challenges in front of them and addressing them with effective solutions to prepare for any economic opportunity. This is where both missions of the JRF and PARACHUTE16 have crossed to make a change on an individual and social level.


  • Categories : edutainment, humanitarian, leadership

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