Regional EU Qudra MADAD Social Innovation Lab: Stakeholders Meeting In Beirut, Lebanon




Collaborating And Innovating Is An Exchange Opportunity 

Growing our PARACHUTE16 always meant flying to other countries to exchange our entrepreneurial knowledge and experience to build more solid partnerships and strengthen existing ones. We were lucky enough to meet and connect with a lot of entrepreneurs from Turkey, Lebanon, and Kurdistan in Beirut, Lebanon. QUDRA Madad has initiated its Innovation lab that is funded by the German Corporation for International Cooperation in the four main countries; Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon, and Kurdistan with an objective to enhance learning by simply offering a safe space for open dialogue. We are proud to be its local partner as a PARACHUTE16 team along with JUHOD and DOT, Jordan, and to be able to support the lab’s horizontal learning environment. As a PARACHUTE16 team, community capacity-building means to serve people with the right tools that can help them complete their missions by learning and experimenting. Hence, our job is to facilitate these sustainable tools through entrepreneurship, design thinking, or interpersonal skills trainings to help participants evolve through our edutainment techniques. 

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