A Locally-driven Social Enterprise: LOYAC

We collaborated with LOYAC, Jordan to implement a Social Innovation Bootcamp for the youth they already work with. LOYAC works on gathering a diversity of youth in an effort to mix thinking and doing to maximize their activeness in their communities. To create a horizontal learning environment, we built an interactive material based on edutainment and facilitated the project for 25 participants aiming to focus on their team-building skills and their . Speakers coming from different backgrounds also joined us for a panel discussion to broaden the horizons of the youth participating with us. PARACHUTE16’s mission is to build capacity, connect, inspire, and empower our passengers to complete their missions. Hence, we highly value the presence of youth in the job market and work to expand the network until it can afford employing more youth. This is why we value being impact-driven and action-packed in order to innovate more with the youth. 

  • Categories : collaboration, creativity, edutainment, innovation

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