Makani Centers




Makani Centers: Space For Growth 

UNICEF Makani are centers that provide vulnerable children that can be both refugees or Jordanians, and access to proper learning services and community-based protection. Our role was to shift these centers into innovation labs with 6-7 partners other partners.  We provided them with the resources to have them design their own solutions for their local challenges by designing innovative products and services. They turned football courts into, they lessened smoking,etc. PARACHUTE16 built for them safe spaces that push them to learn and thrive as youth. We believe that these innovation labs will maximize interactions in between the youth leaders and will inspire them to lead others that lack leadership qualities in their camp. PARACHUTE16 believes in such spaces as they are the foundation of deep and meaningful relationships that enhances the children’s emotional state and overall happiness. By that, they are in good condition to collaborate, achieve, and inspire change in their communities. PARACHUTE16 is a change agency focused on fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity that is drived by such spaces of support and believes that we are all better together.

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