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Can Dreams Be True?


“Dreams are valid,” says Zaid Baqaen—an accomplished writer and a cinematographer. 


A ‘Dream,’ a ‘Story,’ and ‘Hope’ meet under the walls of MBC Al Amal and Parachute16’s collaboration efforts in the VBC—V Business Center in Amman, Jordan. Community and business leaders, accomplished entrepreneurs, social media influencers, professionals, and the aspiring youth all join in to untie their dreams and hopes. Discussing MBC Al Amal’s slogan, and how they see “Hope” in everything and anywhere, Mariam Farag goes on to highlight key issues crossing social development, youth engagement, women empowerment, sustainable development goals, and humanity in our beloved Arab world. Farag argues, the “Hope” we dream of is truly in within us. Emphasizing on the role of unity in the Arab region’s progress, she mentions how one hand never claps. Farag mentions a couple of high achievements MBC Al Amal has been able to tick out of its to- do list, reminding us that the purpose behind sharing them is not to clap for them but to spread “Hope” in order to achieve more of them.




Mariam Farag’s Take On Dreams 

Flashing back to ‘One Thousand and One Nights,’ ‘Ali Baba,’ ‘Cinderella’ and more of these stories, Mariam endorses how we no longer are in need of ‘Cinderella.’ Our region is in need of women that are capable, powerful, innovative, and creative. Not to base the scale on women only, but we are also in need of individuals with passion, love, and hope. “Lucky is he who finds his passion, luckier is he who uses it, and luckiest is he who uses it to make good in the world,” she says. The youth, the majority, in Jordan today, are striving for change and pioneering through their youth-led initiatives and business start-ups.




Arab Heroes 

Such rapid growth has shifted many youth-led initiatives and startups’ visions to focus on the core values of sustainable development. This was the reaction against the normalization of violence in the region that further led to a deficit in hope. A narrative of hope is what we are in need of now. From here speaks Afnan Ali, Mohannad Arabiyat, and Mohammed Atoum– the accessible ‘Hero’ stories the audience waited to hear. Mohannad Arabiyat has brought up how we should work on the aftermath of negative peace and to transform it into positive peace. This comes after celebrating our differences, accessing justice, making policy changes, empowering those around us, and sharing the same ideal vision.

Even if you write down 10 dreams of yours, it is most likely that you achieve 1 of them. Afnan Ali stands holding pride in her Eureka Tech Academy– the first offline Tech academy that focuses on the education of innovation and engineering. It all ends with Mohammed Atoum’s success story as the youngest entrepreneur in Jordan. Atoum has spent his childhood years questioning the purpose behind his being. He’s grown up to become obsessed with computer programming and web development until he started up as a founder and CEO of his Yotta Solutions. Our ages as human beings are just numbers we have to ignore when approaching our dreams. 

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