Mosaic Leadership Bootcamp: To Empower Social Leaders



Leadership and Edutainment 

The Mosaic Leadership program boot camp with Zain Jordan is a boot camp meant to empower social leaders found in different governorates of Jordan . Such boot camp was based on an interactive model of edutainment activities that aims to work with the youth to develop their leadership skills. International speakers took part in this program where they touched upon 20 different topics from 20 different speakers. This mentorship program was a great way to let these young leaders acknowledge that innovation comes from multiple sources, both internally and externally and not from an individual on their own. PARACHUTE16 is a change agency that aims to fly with the empowered youth leaders of the community. We are proud to be taking part in such initiatives and changing the lives of people.  

  • Categories : collaboration, creativity, edutainment, entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership

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