Next Level Event: To Explore Beyond an Innovation Opportunity





Innovation Dialogue 

To explore new ways of innovation dialogues, innovative opportunities, and connect with new stakeholders to venture into a next level, we held an interactive event for embassies and community leaders coming from all governorates, the Gulf leaders, and NGOs; of over 120 people to meet. This event was meant to open different opportunities for people coming from not only Amman, but from the rest of the governorates in Jordan to see how different segments of society can interact to meet with solutions. 



Dialogue Turns Into A Platform 

It opened up chances for students to reach out for scholarship aid from the embassies, for example, to reach out for a political leader’s point of view on a certain topic, and more. Our role as a PARACHUTE16 is to support all kinds of segments to meet by listening to each other and receiving feedback on the interconnected challenges.

Interactivity is at the core of our work at Parachute16. We are a change agency that aims to build on people’s dreams by offering them scalable solutions that match learners with their field of passion and dedication.

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