Ruwwad in Tafileh: Boost Entrepreneurial Thinking





Socially-Oriented Leaders: Youth

A one day workshop for youth leaders in Al Tafileh to help boost their entrepreneurial thinking. Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya is a non-profit community development organization that focuses on building better communities through education, youth volunteerism, and grassroots organizing for disenfranchised communities. We worked together to design, build, and implement an entrepreneurship session for all those seeking out to grow as entrepreneurs. PARACHUTE16 is a change agency that is learning how to fill in the gaps in between innovation, social narratives, and governmental segments to build a stronger community. Hence, we are learning every day how to unlock the power of our community through our youth. Working with young and socially-oriented leaders across the Middle East and specifically in Jordan enabled us to share a greater value and purpose with the youth. 

  • Categories : collaboration, edutainment, entrepreneurship

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