Social Innovation Curriculum Process Design Bootcamp With Some Edutainment




Turning Ideas Into Real-World Innovation

We held a workshop to design interactive edutainment material for social innovation in all innovation labs across the governorates of Jordan. The workshop happened for three days in partnership with the UNICEF. We not only focused on the design process but also receiving feedback from facilitators. After listening to the feedback coming from the diverse experiences of our facilitators, we redesign the whole material and the activities with the UNICEF, Amani, RI, and JRF because we believe in life-lone learning and experimentation. For that, we focus on tools and techniques that offer personalization, meet learners, and boost engagement in between people coming from different fields, experiences, and backgrounds.“Better Together” is a life-long Parachute16 value that we firmly believe in. We learn that innovators are people that can see an intersection in between their ideas and others’ ideas.

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