Social Innovation Program Design Bootcamp Focused On Capacity Building




Turning Hands-On Experiences Into Tools

We collaborated with six local and international NGOs in the Dead Sea to work with all the people that are implementing innovation in the different governorates of Jordan. UNICEF, Jordan River Foundation, Save the Children, Islamic Charity Center Society, YBC, Juhoud, and IMC gathered to collaborate and not compete by sharing one goal. We worked on a three day boot camp to learn how to run an innovation lab and build a collaborative local entrepreneurship ecosystem that is focused on planting real impact locally and internationally. To train, inspire, and grow a grassroots movement of social change, we focus on using the right material, models, and tools to structure a more sustainable social innovation lab. Today, establishing trust and building relationships within each of these organizations is the key behind our Creativinnovation as a Parachute16 change agency. We aim to grow with all of our partners and to meet with creative solutions for local and international challenges that entrepreneurs face.



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