Sonbola Project : A Seed For Innovating, learning, experiencing, and sharing.




Innovating is learning, experiencing, and sharing. 

We have worked together on implementing the Sonbola program that got launched by Al-Jude with the support of Al Hussein Fund for Excellence and the training and innovation partner; PARACHUTE16. The program aims to train and empower teachers along with their students to implement innovative solutions and creative ideas to build on an inspiring and positive environment in our local schools and communities. Some of the challenges our teachers face are; classroom environment, a lack of communication between parents and teachers, and zero motivation for teachers and students to take action. We are excited to be putting such solutions into practice where our PARACHUTE16 visited schools in the North, Middle and South of Jordan to collaborate with fellow teachers and train them on the implementation of such a project.

Inspired By Human Centered Design 

We worked according to the Human Centered Design methodologies and design thinking processes to ensure the challenges they brainstormed during our workshops were well formed, practical, and impactful. We gathered all the ideas and challenges they might be working on during our workshops and transform them into positive opportunities and solutions aligning with the standards of Sonbola which are being practical, applicable, and community engaging.

100 Days, In 100 Schools, For 100 JDs

The public school teachers walked in to vent about issues found in the schools. They are here to communicate ideas and design practical and feasible solutions by working on their project for 100 days in 100 other schools using 100 Jordanian Dinars for each school to fund the resources surrounding them. They work by choosing a team of students that can act as leaders leading a growing Sonbola movement. We hope we can re-energize education in Jordan’s diverse governorates to move beyond. We want to thank all our partners for making this happen and for believing that what we do have at our Sonbola program’s fingerprints are change and reform. The exchange of ideas between teachers and students breaks the tension found living in the traditional classroom environment of a typical public school. If done well and creatively, we believe each of our roles can impact the many social, political, and economic challenges we are all affected by.

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