UNICEF, Relief Int., and JRF Targeting Global Communities





Going Glocal 

UNICEF was targeting global communities and not just local communities in this project. We were one of UNICEF’s main partners among with the Amani Institution, JRF, Relief International, and Beyond Excellence. We went through 15 chapters on how to improve on the quality of our activities in means of their interactivity, practicality, and effectiveness to take it globally and serve more communities in terms of trainings, projects, and services. We had an advantage to learn how to apply tech and edutainment in more efficient ways. The application of tech and edutainment to lead more youth leaders is a priority to PARACHUTE16 and it is a PARACHUTE16 driver where we learn how to transform innovation management into easy-to-use material and tools. 


  • Categories : collaboration, edutainment, leadership

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