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Reinforcing Innovation Cultures In The ME Region 

PARACHUTE16 in partnership with the UNICEF built over 90 labs in Jordan to maximize interactions and reinforce innovation culture. We are one of their main vendors in social innovation. We built a curriculum to work with vulnerable youth in the refugee camps such as Al Zaatari and Al Azraq to mobilize innovation in Jordan. We are a change agency that aims to collaborate with all community leaders in the camps to generate greater impact. PARACHUTE16 is a change agency that is learning how to fill in the gaps in between innovation, social narratives, and governmental segments to build a stronger community. Hence, we are learning every day how to unlock the power of our community through our youth. This learning journey is at the core of our PARACHUTE16 work and our UNICEF partners make the change even more doable. Every day is a new experience for us, and the experience is even better when shared with the youth in our region. 

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