#WorldHumanitarianDay Note From PARACHUTE16 with OCHA






Humanitarian Day and OCHA

We had the honor to take part in the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)’s annual video to be shared on the World Humanitarian Day. What made us even more happy is the fact that a lot of our startup friends, entrepreneurs, companies, NGOs, and foundations were taking part in the same video. Which might have left more space for people to share their personal details. 



Building Innovation Labs 

To us as PARACHUTE16, we firstly focused mainly on the importance of building innovation labs that help maximize their creativity through opening a space for free trial and error experiences. The beauty of innovation labs comes from its flexibility to exist anywhere, for anyone, from diverse backgrounds, welcoming all kinds of struggle and even dreams.

Secondly, we highlighted the positivity that we gain from just sharing connections and opportunities that can offer one awaiting a chance to experience something new. Thirdly, we shared the joy we find in building new curricula or training material through edutainment inspired from entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. In PARACHUTE16, connection and collaboration is at our core, and this is why we love innovation labs. They are truly made for you to enjoy connecting and communicating with a diverse group of people, and this is from where humanity really comes from. 

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