#WorldCancerDay with KHCF





#WorldCancerDay With KHCF and PARACHUTE16



“I pledge to never let my negativity in. I want to let it out and run for something new. Cancer isn’t only the aftermath of smoking heavily and eating junk food. Your mentality plays a crucial role too.”— a personal pledge written by one of our participants in the event that has ignited more inspiration in within us”. 


On the #WorldCancerDay we set off as a PARACHUTE16 team with the King Hussein Cancer Foundation to visit four governorates; Amman, Al Tafileh, Al Salt, and Irbid. Our first day was meant to be in Amman where we started it off by visiting the King Hussein Cancer Foundation to meet with its founders, its parents, the children, and community leaders that are the epitome of positivity. A conversation with them ignited a stronger will in us to work together hand in hand. 



Connecting Through Edutainment

We collaborated under an umbrella of edutainment activities that are highly interactive to meet with the importance and awareness of the World Cancer Day 4th of February. Our rides reached out to four main governorates in Jordan; Amman, Al Tafilah, Irbid, and Al-Salt to raise awareness on our responsibility as a community to fight our ignorance on cancer as a worldly issue.



Campaign Attracting Stories 

It was a great event that helped us chew on our thoughts and misconceptions on some health issues. We wanted to tap into some more creativity and energy to meet incredibly satisfying and productive results. The five main categories we touched upon are; smoking cessation, healthy eating, physical activity, and early detection. Our tour was a learning journey where our interactive edutainment mode was at its highest level. The biggest part of our excitement went to all the stories and people that are being part of this worldly campaign. We live by stories and the more stories we listen to, the more we can connect with our work’s mission. 

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