INNOVATIONSHIP: an experience of self-discovery. 

Z16 INNOVATIONSHIP is the brainchild of P16 INNOVATIONSHIP; P16’s program for collaborative impact. Our new collaboration with Zain, Iraq has opened for us space to communicate, collaborate, and create together through 3 intensive workshop days. INNOVATIONSHIP is what combines innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship in one through a program of pure edutainment activities meant for a life-long experience of self-development. 

P16 INNOVATIONSHIP is an innovation and leadership-led program meant to spark innovation strategies in organizations and companies. Such a program is not just interactive, but objective as well; focusing on building a culture at the intersection of collaboration, communication, and problem-solving. Our growth mission is to build capacity, inspire, empower, and educate not only by tools but by mindset too. This comes by defining the innovation strategy that fits the specific organization, expanding innovation capabilities through interactive challenges, and designing new learning experiences that can help grow the INNOVATIONSHIP culture within our entrepreneurial communities. 

We empower innovators through five main practices; play, experimentation, creativity, empathy, and reflection. Using our imagination, we try to develop our ability to see lots of possibilities and answers to every challenge in our society/community. From here we enter a journey of finding original ideas with real value. This is developed through interactive activities and meeting Iraqi and international success stories throughout the program to redefine their perspectives. Our interactive activities vary from leadership styles, teambuilding, entrepreneurship, ideation, and challenge and community mapping. 

Lessons we want to share after our P16 experience: 

  1. Learning that a human is a human everywhere and anywhere. We innately love learning and are innately curious and creative. 
  2. Building the right space needed for innovation and entrepreneurship in companies, we’ll be able to see how innovative our team members are. 
  3. Creating channels for communication and collaboration are essential for innovation and creativity to take place. This offers people less judgement and more respect and understanding. 
  4. Understanding that every co-worker is already undergoing a challenge we no nothing about helps us recognize that our job is to make them feel more like leaders and identify them as full-on leaders in handling their daily job and the challenges that come with it. 
  5. Focusing on the how not the what. Innovation never happens without leadership. The “how” is always more important than the “what”. 
  6. Seeing the potential Iraq leaves in its youth. The youth bulge in Iraq is filled with potential for impact on entrepreneurial level. We can see that they only require the space that enables the creativity from within them. 

We feel gratitude to be collaborating with our new partners; Zain, Iraq, and look forward to implementing our P16 INNOVATIONSHIP in more of our diverse MENA regions. Building an active learning environment is one thing. But, “trying” and “engaging” in it is what we really aspire to do with our participants and their INNOGANGS; group of innovators. It is, in fact, a people-led program that gathers the mindset, techniques, and tools needed to help your INNOGANG grow. It is not forced, but it is inspired by our participating INNOGANGS and we cannot wait to meet more of them! 


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