Zain Al Mubadara: A story of Capacity Building





We are proud to have been practicing capacity building with Zain Jordan, our potential partners, for two years already.  Zain Jordan has built Zain Al Mubadara as a capacity building project and how we built on our research in between the silicon valley and Jordan and the new skills we found to be important for upcoming entrepreneurs. We got diverse speakers from Jordan to talk about 19 topics such as; social media, social intelligence, marketing, innovation thinking, entrepreneurship mindset, legal issues, business modeling, emotional intelligence, HR in startups, and more. Such capacity building project was based on our interactive edutainment curriculum that we build out of research as a form of hands-on experience for the youth to get moved from. The PARACHUTE16 energy requires us to always renew our vision for education and to thrive properly through more of collaboration, communication, and problem-solving.


  • Categories : creativity, edutainment, entrepreneurship, ideation, innovation

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