Zain Innovation and Intrapreneurship District Program Welcomes New Products




Zain: Our Potential Partner 

Zain has been a potential partner of our Parachute16 family for the past two years trying to expand on the Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship culture within Jordan. Zain’s vision outlooks supporting its team members and encouraging them to come up with new products, new management processes, new internal and external solutions. In collaboration with their talented team and their skilled human capital team, we had the honor to take part in building new products with them as a Parachute16 team.

Boosting Intrapreneurship 

Through interactive workshops, we were able to bring in mentors and entrepreneurs into the company’s community and plant richer seeds of innovation through edutainment activities that offer learning in unexpected ways. We believe in innovation, entrepreneurship, and intrapreneurship and in sharing opportunities with other people. PARACHUTE16 is a change agency that works with its partners, friends, communities, and supporters on a learning journey to learn how to expand innovation capabilities through investment sourcing, mentoring, startup services, and networking. 

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