What do we offer?

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Ecosystem Consultation

We work with the private sector, universities, schools, and all kinds of educational institutions, governments, and NGOs to build business incubators and innovation hubs that support tech and creative entrepreneurs and startups. We focus on building collaborative partnerships with stakeholders working in MENA to create a positive impact in their entrepreneurship ecosystem using the latest tools to build creative models based on the needs, mission, and vision of any industry in creativity and tech.


We design, develop and facilitate interactive and practical workshops that every entrepreneur and innovator needs to validate their tech & creative startup and product. The material is developed based on Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking, Creative Thinking, Market Research, Innovation, Business modeling, Product development, validation, and design, and Digital skills and tools, including; communication, leadership, team forming. 


We work on the entrepreneurship and innovation culture within the corporates of the private sector by building internal business incubators and innovation hubs for the employees to unleash their inner creative streak. This is by exposing them to the entrepreneurship ecosystem to serve it with new creative approaches of leadership and entrepreneurship. 

Change Events

We make opportunities for startups through interactive meetups and inspirational events that draw in governments, investors, creative startups, youth, and entrepreneurship ecosystem players and stakeholders. This enables offline and online engagement of communities coming from diverse platforms and technologies. It creates a win-win situation for everyone by having stakeholders collaborate to make opportunities and open markets. These experiential events which PARACHUTE16 organizes standalone or with partners include:

1- Local and regional events

2- PARACHUTE16 talks

3- PARACHUTE16 next destination

4- PARACHUTE16 entrepreneurs meetups

5- PARACHUTE16 workshops

6- PARACHUTE16 mentoring breakfast

Startup Services

We offer investment sourcing, mentorship, consulting networking, technical support through our team and network for different stages of growth by collaborating with others. Empowering innovators has always been at the core of our services; it strives to drive the growth of entrepreneurship business, at different startup, growth and success phases.  

PARACHUTE16 startups, benefit from a wide range of services which include:

1- Investment sourcing: Connecting startups with investors at different phases of their growth journey, to fly with the startup to the next destination.

2- Mentoring: Connecting entrepreneurs with a network of experts and mentors, to support and empower entrepreneurs to achieve their goals

3- Startup services: With PARACHUTE16 partners, we provide a wide range of services for startups which include marketing, HR, legal, IT, project management and other services

4- Networking: Through our network and events, we connect startups, entrepreneurs, and the ecosystem stakeholders to ensure the coherence of the ecosystem and the success of the entrepreneurship movement

We make positive change & happiness everywhere we go and work at.