What do we offer?

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Ecosystem Consultation

We custom design and manage creative solutions, to achieve the objective of several entrepreneurial, corporate and youth projects and initiatives. We deal with each project as an experience for the beneficiaries, the clients and for us to deliver and enjoy. Our solutions design mechanism and approach ensures achieving and exceeding the desired impact, through getting into the depth of the objectives, design a solution and ensure the high-quality implementation and impact measurement to ensure that we reach our goals.


Science had its say with edutainment and embedding entertainment with education. With Parachute16 Edutainment, we mix our entrepreneurial and innovative expertise with education and fun to deliver and achieve edutainment programs to build the capacity of entrepreneurs, professionals, and youth. Our edutainment projects ensures the engagement of the beneficiaries and covers a wide range of development areas: Business development, ideas, innovation, product development, customer, social media, design, branding, emotional intelligence, HR, Legal, Technology, team building, leadership, project management, business modeling, entrepreneurship.


With Parachute16 Intrapreneurship programs, we work with professionals at different levels to behave like entrepreneurs within the organization. We utilize our entrepreneurship and innovation know-how in changing the traditional ways of work, to increase efficiency, inspire,  increase motivation and creativity which eventually affect the performance of the organization on different levels from the top management to the customers and clients servicing employees.

Change Events

Parachute16 designs and organizes events and activities to spread the vibes of innovation and entrepreneurship with the ecosystem. These experiential events which Parachute16 organizes standalone or with partners include:

1- Local and regional events

2- Parachute16 talks

3- Parachute16 next destination

4- Parachute16 entrepreneurs meetups

5- Parachute16 workshops

6- Parachute16 mentoring breakfast

Startup Services

Empowering startups has always been at the core of our services; we strive to drive the growth of the entrepreneurship business, at different startup, growth and success phases.

Parachute16 startups, benefit from a wide range of services which include:

1- Investment sourcing: Connecting startups with investors at different phases of their growth journey, to fly with the startup to the next destination.

2- Mentoring: Connecting entrepreneurs with a network of experts and mentors, to support and empower entrepreneurs to achieve their goals

3- Startup services: With Parachute16 partners, we provide a wide range of services for startups which include marketing, HR, legal, IT, project management and other services

4- Networking: Through our network and events, we connect startups, entrepreneurs, and the ecosystem stakeholders to ensure the coherence of the ecosystem and the success of the entrepreneurship movement

We make positive change & happiness everywhere we go and work at.